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Laser Cutting Machine for Medical Stent YC-SLC300

Short Description:

Laser micromachining of bare metal stent and drug coated stent such as coronary artery stent and vein filter

Product Detail


Laser Cutting Machine for Medical Stent YC-SLC300

Technical Parameters:

Maximum operating speed 300mm/s(X)  ;100mm/s(Y)for option  ;100mm/s(Z);600rpm(θ)
Positioning accuracy ±1um(X);±3um(Y)for option;±3um(Z);±15arcsec(θ);
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.2um(X);±1um(Y)for option;±1um(Z);±3arcsec(θ)
Cutting seam width 15um~25um
Consistency of reinforcement width <±5um;
Machining material 316L & Ni-Ti & L605 & Fe & Mg & Zn and other alloy materials
Tube blank length <2.5m (customized support fixture)
Processing wall thickness 0~0.3±0.02mm;
Processing pipe diameter Φ0.1~Φ7.5±0.02mm;
 Single processing range 0~300mm (longer products will be machined by segmented splicingmethod);
Laser type Fiber laser;
Laser wavelength 1030-1070±10nm;
laser power 100W&200W&300W for option;
Equipment power supply 220V± 10%, 50Hz;AC 20A (main circuit breaker);
File format DXF、DWG;
Equipment dimensions 2000mmx1000mmx1600mm;
Equipment weight 1500Kg;

Sample Exhibition:

316L&L605 (1)

316L & L605 bare
metal coronary stent  

316L&L605 (2)

Ni-Ti- Φ 2.7mm-
WT0.2mm coronary stent

316L&L605 (1)

L605- Φ1.8mm-WT0.15mm
drug coated coronary stent

316L&L605 (3)
316L&L605 (4)
316L&L605 (2)

Ni-Ti- Φ 2mm-L100mm
-WT0.2mm coronary

Ni-Ti- Φ 3.4mm-WT0.2mm
coronary stent

venous filter microstructure

Application scope

օ Laser micromachining of bare metal stent and drug coated stent such as coronary artery stent and vein filter

High precision machining

օ Small cutting seam width: < 20um

օ High machining accuracy: ≤ ± 5um

օ Good quality of incision: no burr & smooth incision

օ High machining efficiency: one-off cutting through one side pipe wall & continuous automatic feed machinin

Strong adaptability

օ Have the ability of laser dry cutting & wet cutting & drilling & blind slotting and other fine machining technology

օ Support the centripetal, vertical and compound opening feature  machining of equal diameter tube, variable diameter tube and plane instrument

օ Can machine 316L & Ni-Ti & L605 & Fe & Mg & Zn and other alloy  materials

օ Compatible with precision D-type chuck & ER series chuck & three-jaw chuck and other precision thin-walled tube clamping system

օ Adopt the combined precision thin-walled tube shaft sleeve support system with self-adaptive shape tolerance variation

օ Provide the matching scheme of precision thin-walled tube continuous automatic feeding machining & dry / wet cutting and sealing material receiving

օ Equipped with self-developed 2D & 2.5D & 3D CAM software system for laser micromachinin

Flexible design

օ Follow the design concept of ergonomics, delicate and concise

օ Equipped with machine vision system to real time online monitor the laser dynamic machining process

օ The software and hardware functions match flexibly, support personalized function configuration & intelligent production management

օ Support forward innovative design from component level to system level

օ Open type control & laser micromachining software system is easy to operate & intuitive interface

Technical certification

օ CE

օ ISO9001

օ ISO13485

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