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Laser Cutting Machine for Medical Stent YC-SLC300

Short Description:

Medical stent laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser micromachining of various metal bare metal stents and drug-coated stents such as coronary artery stents and venous filter stents.

  • Small cutting seam width: <20um
  • High machining accuracy: ≤±5um
  • Good quality of incision: No rough edges, smooth incision
  • High processing efficiency: one - time cutting through the side wall, continuous automatic feed processing
  • Product Detail

    Medical stent laser cutting machine

    SLC300 medical stent laser cutting machine is a kind of medical precision laser cutting machine, mainly used for laser micromachining of various bare metal stents and drug-coated stents, such as coronary stents, coronary bare metal stents, drug-coated coronary stents Stent, venous filter microstructure stent, compared with YC-BSLC300 laser cutting machine, this equipment has lower laser power configuration, thinner material wall thickness, and the cut stent is relatively small, so it belongs to the small metal stent laser cutting machine. BSLC300 laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser micromachining of large metal stents such as valve stents, mitral valve stents, and peripheral stents.


    Laser Cutting Machine for Medical Stent YC-SLC300

    Technical Parameters:

    Maximum operating speed 300mm/s(X)  ;100mm/s(Y)for option  ;100mm/s(Z);600rpm(θ)
    Positioning accuracy ±1um(X);±3um(Y)for option;±3um(Z);±15arcsec(θ);
    Repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.2um(X);±1um(Y)for option;±1um(Z);±3arcsec(θ)
    Cutting seam width 15um~25um
    Consistency of reinforcement width <±5um;
    Machining material 316L & Ni-Ti & L605 & Fe & Mg & Zn and other alloy materials
    Tube blank length <2.5m (customized support fixture)
    Processing wall thickness 0~0.3±0.02mm;
    Processing pipe diameter Φ0.1~Φ7.5±0.02mm;
     Single processing range 0~300mm (longer products will be machined by segmented splicingmethod);
    Laser type Fiber laser;
    Laser wavelength 1030-1070±10nm;
    laser power 100W&200W&300W for option;
    Equipment power supply 220V± 10%, 50Hz;AC 20A (main circuit breaker);
    File format DXF、DWG;
    Equipment dimensions 2000mmx1000mmx1600mm;
    Equipment weight 1500Kg;

    Sample Exhibition:

    316L&L605 (1)

    316L & L605 bare
    metal coronary stent  

    316L&L605 (2)

    Ni-Ti- Φ 2.7mm-
    WT0.2mm coronary stent

    316L&L605 (1)

    L605- Φ1.8mm-WT0.15mm
    drug coated coronary stent

    316L&L605 (3)
    316L&L605 (4)
    316L&L605 (2)

    Ni-Ti- Φ 2mm-L100mm
    -WT0.2mm coronary

    Ni-Ti- Φ 3.4mm-WT0.2mm
    coronary stent

    venous filter microstructure

    Application scope

    օ Laser micromachining of bare metal stent and drug coated stent such as coronary artery stent and vein filter

    High precision machining

    օ Small cutting seam width: < 20um

    օ High machining accuracy: ≤ ± 5um

    օ Good quality of incision: no burr & smooth incision

    օ High machining efficiency: one-off cutting through one side pipe wall & continuous automatic feed machinin

    Strong adaptability

    օ Have the ability of laser dry cutting & wet cutting & drilling & blind slotting and other fine machining technology

    օ Support the centripetal, vertical and compound opening feature  machining of equal diameter tube, variable diameter tube and plane instrument

    օ Can machine 316L & Ni-Ti & L605 & Fe & Mg & Zn and other alloy  materials

    օ Compatible with precision D-type chuck & ER series chuck & three-jaw chuck and other precision thin-walled tube clamping system

    օ Adopt the combined precision thin-walled tube shaft sleeve support system with self-adaptive shape tolerance variation

    օ Provide the matching scheme of precision thin-walled tube continuous automatic feeding machining & dry / wet cutting and sealing material receiving

    օ Equipped with self-developed 2D & 2.5D & 3D CAM software system for laser micromachinin

    Flexible design

    օ Follow the design concept of ergonomics, delicate and concise

    օ Equipped with machine vision system to real time online monitor the laser dynamic machining process

    օ The software and hardware functions match flexibly, support personalized function configuration & intelligent production management

    օ Support forward innovative design from component level to system level

    օ Open type control & laser micromachining software system is easy to operate & intuitive interface

    Technical certification

    օ CE

    օ ISO9001

    օ ISO13485

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