Medical device solutions


Short Description:

Laser micromachining of plane and curved surface medical instruments such as brain fixed piece, connecting piece and electrode piece

Product Detail

Technical Parameters:


Maximum Operating Speed 300mm/s(X1);100mm/s(X2);50mm/s(Y);50mm/s(Z);600rpm(θ)
Positioning Accuracy ±3um(X1);±5um(X2);±3um(Y); ±3um(Z);±15arcsec(θ)
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy ±1um(X1);±3um(X2);±1um(Y);±1um(Z);±3arcsec(θ)
Cutting Seam Width 20um~30um;
Machining material 304&316L&Ni-Ti&L605&Al&Gu&Li&Mg&Fe etc.
Tube blank length < 2.5m (support fixture can be customized);
Processing wall thickness 0~1.5±0.02 mm;
Pipe processing range Φ0.3~Φ7.5&Φ1.0~Φ16.0±0.02 mm;
Plane processing range 200mm(300mm)*100mm;
processing range 0~300mm&0~600mm (longer products can be processed by segmented splicing
Length of surplus material 60mm;
Laser type Fiber laser;
Laser wavelength 1030-1070±10nm;
laser power 200W&250W&300W&500W&1000W&QCW150W for option;
Equipment power supply 220V± 10%, 50Hz;AC 25A (main circuit breaker);
File format DXF&DWG&STP&IGS;
Equipment dimensions 1200mm(&1800mm)x1300mmx1750mm;
Equipment weight 1500Kg;



Strong adaptability
①With laser dry cutting & wet cutting & drilling & slotting and other fine machining capabilities
②Can machine 304&316L&Ni-Ti&L605&Li&Mg&Al&Cu&Fe&Ceramic and other materials
③Can machine plane and curved surface instruments
④Provide double position & machine vision positioning & receiving and closed blanking & automatic loading and unloading system & machining dynamic monitoring and other matching functions
⑤Equipped with self-developed long & short focal length fine laser cutting head with sharp & flat nozzle & compatible with commercially available laser cutting head
⑥Equipped with self-developed 2D & 2.5D & 3D CAM software system for laser micromachining
Follow the design concept of ergonomics, delicate and concise
Application scope:
Laser micromachining of surgical and orthopedic instruments such as rigid endoscope & ultrasonic scalpel & endoscope& stapler & suture device & soft drill & planer & puncture needle & nose drill
High precision machining:
①Small cutting seam width: 18~30um
②High machining accuracy: ≤ ± 10um
③Good quality of incision: no burr & smooth incision
④High machining efficiency: one-off cutting through one side tube wall & continuous automatic feed machining


Flexible design
①Follow the design concept of ergonomics, delicate and concise
②Provide the optional function of machine vision system to real time online monitor the laser dynamic machining process
③The software and hardware functions match flexibly, support personalized function configuration & intelligent production management
④Support forward innovative design from component level to system level
⑤Open type control & laser micromachining software system is easy to operate & intuitive interface

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