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Introduction to ML-ICP6060 Fiber Laser Flatbed Cutting Machine:

Short Description:

The fiber laser flatbed cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting, with fast cutting speed, no mechanical stress in the incision, smooth and flat, no shearing burrs, no blackening, and the sheet forming incision does not require manual reprocessing.

  • Small cutting seam width: ≤0.15mm
  • High machining accuracy: ≤±0.05mm
  • Good quality of incision : Non-contact cutting, cutting speed is fast, the incision is not mechanical stress, smooth and flat
  • High machining efficiency : Cut through single layer material at one time
  • Product Detail

    ML-ICP6060 Fiber Laser Flatbed Cutting Machine Introduction:
    Laser flatbed cutting machines are mainly used for laser cutting of various flat materials such as ceramics, iron, stainless steel, magnetic materials, etc. The processing format range is 600*600mm. The equipment adopts a standard gantry screw workbench and a customized fiber laser, which runs smoothly, has high cutting accuracy and good cutting effect; a customized laser head with optimized parameter settings can cut highly reflective materials; the open system is simple to operate and efficient. high.

    ML-ICP6060 fiber laser plate cutting machine 580

    ML-ICP6060 Fiber Laser Flatbed Cutting Machine Technical Parameters:

    Laser cutting technical parameters

    ML-ICP6060 fiber laser flatbed cutting machine sample display:

    men-luc has many years of experience in the field of laser technology applications. Over the years, it has always insisted on continuous technological upgrades of equipment to provide customers with the most technically competitive laser micro-machining equipment. At present, men-luc has developed more than a dozen types of laser micro-machining. The equipment can be widely used in laser cutting, drilling, marking, engraving, and welding processes of various metal and non-metal flat, curved, and pipe materials. The equipment has stable performance, and the processed products are of good quality and high efficiency. In addition, in order to better serve customers, our company can conduct proofing and testing according to the materials and processing requirements provided by customers. New and old customers are welcome to call to make an appointment for proofing services!

    Laser flatbed cutting machine after-sales service:
    Thank you very much for choosing our laser processing equipment. Customer satisfaction and quality service are our unremitting pursuit! men-luck provides customers with free equipment after-sales training, provides 24-hour after-sales service response, and provides you with remote technical support at any time.

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