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Precision laser cutting machine uses stable and durable lifting optical fiber end, in order to ensure that the cutting area is slightly uneven, to ensure the focus of the workpiece and the upper surface of the constant distance. The machining precision is guaranteed and the machining precision of flexible output power is improved.

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  • Metalworking CNC lathe milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece.

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Changzhou MEN-Luck Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Specializing in precision laser cutting machine equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales a dynamic and innovative intelligent technology company, located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.  Relying on the regional advantages, talent advantages and rich enterprise management experience of the Yangtze River Delta, with advanced laser technology, perfect management system, convenient logistics advantages, timely and effective after-sales service system, the company continues to grow, products sold all over the world.

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Application and advantage of laser cutting machine in automobile manufacturing industry

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the requirements for production efficiency and product quality are becoming higher and higher. The traditional cutting method has some limitations, such as low precision, slow processing speed and so on. As an advanced and efficient processin...

Laser cutting machine operating regulations

Laser cutting machine in the operation process there is a danger, so the novice must accept the training of professionals to operate independently, so the author summarized the laser cutting machine safety work of 10 details according to the experience, of course, the following instructions for t...

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