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Precision 3c solution

Laser Cutting Machine for Precision Stainless Steel Instruments ML-MD3030

Short Description:

Micro-hole laser forming machine for precision planar instruments is mainly used for laser micromachining of precision planar and curved instruments such as hard alloy, stainless steel, magnesium-aluminum alloy, etc.

  • Size refinement : the minimum product size is 20um
  • Small cutting seam width: 15 ~ 30um
  • High machining accuracy: ≤±10um
  • Good quality of incision: Smooth cut, small heat-affected zone, less burr
  • Product Detail

    Precision planar instrument microhole laser forming machine

    Precision planar instrument microhole laser forming machine is also called precision instrument stainless steel cutting machine. Such as micro-hole forming of aluminum plate, SUS WT micro-hole, blind hole, micro-hole forming of aluminum tube after anode, various hole forming of magnesium-aluminum plate, alloy steel spinneret hole drilling, etc. The equipment has the advantages of small cutting slit width, high processing precision and good cutting quality.


    Technical Parameters

    Maximum operating speed 1000mm/s(X) ;1000mm/s(Yl&Y2) ;50mm/s(Z);
    Positioning accuracy ±3um (X) ±3um (Y1&Y2) ;±5um (Z);
    Repetitive positioning accuracy ±1um(X) ;±1um (Y1&Y2) ;±3um(Z);
    Machining material stainless steel & hard alloy steel & Ceramics & Aluminum & Copper magnesium aluminum alloy
    Material wall thickness 0~1.5±0.02 mm;
    Plane machining range 300mm*300mm;
    Laser type Fiber laser;
    Laser wavelength 1030-1070±10nm;
    laser power CW100W&200W&300W&QCW150W&450W for option
    Equipment power supply 220V±10%, 50Hz;AC 20A (main circuit breaker);
    File format DXF、DWG;
    Dimensions 1200mm*1300mm*1600mm;
    Equipment weight 1200Kg;

    Sample Exhibition

    Sample ExhibitionApplication scope

    Laser micromachining of precision plane and curved surface instruments of stainless steel & hard alloy steel & Ceramics & Aluminum & Copper & magnesium aluminum alloy

    High precision machining

    օ Small cutting seam width: 15 ~ 30um

    օ High machining accuracy: ≤ ± 10um

    օ Good quality of incision: smooth incision & small heat affected zone & less burr

    օ Size refinement: the minimum product size is 20um

    Strong adaptability

    օ Have the ability of laser cutting, drilling, blind slotting, marking and other fine machining technology for plane & curved surface instruments

    օ Can machine stainless steel, hard alloy steel, ceramics, aluminum alloy and other materials

    օ Equipped with a self-developed direct drive mobile double drive precision movement platform, granite platform, aluminum alloy granite beam for selection

    օ Provide the optional function, such as double station & Visual Positioning & automatic feeding and unloading system & dynamic monitoring etc.

    օ Equipped with self-developed long & short focal length, sharp nozzle & flat nozzle fine laser cutting head

    օ Equipped with modular material receiving and dust removal pipeline system

    օ Provide self-developed movable tension frame & fixed tension frame & vacuum adsorption & honeycomb plate, etc. optional fixture

    օ Equipped with the self-developed 2D & 2.5D & 3D CAM software system for laser micromachining

    Flexible design

    օ Follow the design concept of ergonomics, delicate and concise

    օ Flexible software & hardware function collocation, supporting personalized function configuration & intelligent production management

    օ Support positive innovation design from component level to system level

    օ Open control & laser micromachining software system easy to operate & intuitive interface

    Technical certification

    օ CE

    օ ISO9001


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