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The role of laser cutting machines in the rapid development of chips

The role of laser cutting machines in the rapid development of chips

As we all know, my country is still in a weak position in chip manufacturing, and its main method is still to rely on imports. In the Sino-US trade in recent years, the United States has imposed sanctions on China over chip issues. However, as a major developing country, China is also constantly working hard to improve chip manufacturing technology. The development of precision laser cutting technology has also promoted China’s chip production. improvement of technology. In the wafer production process, laser micro-cutting is essential. So what are the main processes used by laser cutting machines in chip manufacturing?

As the core raw material for chip manufacturing, wafers have very high requirements for cutting, which cannot be achieved by traditional cutting processes. Laser cutting machine is currently the best in cutting wafer technology. It can effectively improve the quality and accuracy of the cutting surface of the chip without affecting the performance of the chip.

Detailed explanation of the main advantages of men-luck laser cutting machine for chip cutting:

First of all, the laser cutting machine uses laser non-contact cutting chips, so there is no influence of cutting force, avoiding damage to the surface of the processed material; secondly, the laser processing accuracy is high, because the laser energy density is high, the cutting speed is fast, and the heat-affected area is processed Extremely small; laser processing is controlled by a full CNC system, which can achieve cutting effects of various complex graphics. The overall processing efficiency is extremely high, the relative economic benefits are good, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The current wafer cutting technology uses a very advanced laser cutting process, which has many advantages over traditional processes.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of laser micromachining technology, I believe that the application range of laser cutting will become more and more extensive, the efficiency will become higher and higher, and the quality will become higher and higher. As a professional manufacturer of laser micro-processing equipment, we are also constantly increasing our research and development efforts and striving to develop laser processing equipment with higher technical content. In order to give back to our customers, men-luck provides free sample proofing services to new and old customers. New and old customers are welcome to make an appointment for proofing at men-luck!

Post time: Jan-16-2024

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