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Detailed explanation of the filter processing technology of laser cutting machine

Detailed explanation of the filter processing technology of laser cutting machine

As we all know, glass is a common industrial material that can be seen everywhere in daily life. It is brittle and easily broken. As a type of glass product, optical filters have high application requirements and can only be obtained by precision processing. For example, the cutting process requires a precision laser cutting machine.

Where are the filters used? Optical filters can be used as components of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, cameras, and video camera lights. Although they are small, they play a key role in the quality of photos or videos. The continuous advancement of laser technology and the innovation of various new applications have made laser applications more and more widespread and refined. Such as laser cutting and drilling of optical filters.

Laser cutting filters use a non-contact laser cutting process, which not only has high cutting precision and good cutting surface quality, but also has no carbonization, no yellowing or blackening of the surface, and can well protect the performance and quality of the filter surface; The cutting speed is fast and the efficiency is high. It can also cut various complex shapes with high efficiency. This is a high-quality, high-performance and high-efficiency processing technology that cannot be achieved by traditional mechanical knife cutting.

In addition to cutting high-precision glass products such as filters, men-luck laser cutting machines can also cut precision metal tubes and plate products, such as heart stents, hypotubes, endoscopic snake bones, various surgical instruments and electronic 3c Structural parts, circuit boards and other precision instruments are widely used. At the same time, men-luck provides customers with proofing services for various samples. All types of laser cutting machine equipment are complete and rich in variety. New and old customers are welcome to consult and negotiate business.

Post time: Jan-13-2024

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