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What are the classifications of endoscopes? Laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck will give you a detailed explanation

What are the classifications of endoscopes? Laser cutting machine manufacturer men-luck will give you a detailed explanation

men-luck is a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer with a wide range of types and models, which can be used for laser cutting of endoscopic cobra bones, cardiac stents, vascular stents, surgical instruments, 3C precision structural parts, and semiconductor integrated circuit structural parts. Laser welding, laser marking, laser engraving and other laser processing technologies. There are many application industries that have already prototyped, especially in the medical and electronic 3C industries. men-luck can not only provide sample proofing services according to the actual needs of customers, but also specially customize the equipment to meet various laser micro-machining needs of customers.

As a common application in laser cutting, endoscopic cobra bone is widely used in different departments and in the treatment of different diseases in clinical practice. It is mainly divided into flexible endoscopes (flexible endoscopes for short) and rigid endoscopes (hard endoscopes for short). Flexible endoscopes are mainly gastroscopes, enteroscopes, laryngoscopes, fiberoptic bronchoscopes, etc.; hard endoscopes include laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, ureteroscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy, etc. In China, the endoscope market share only accounts for about 10%, and imported products occupy the main market share. It is the equipment with the lowest production rate of domestic mainstream medical equipment.

Φ2.5mm Laser cut endoscopic snake bone

China’s soft lens market is currently dominated by three Japanese giants: Olympus, Fujifilm and Pentax, with a market share of over 95%. However, in recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology, the domestic soft lens industry has shown a new development trend. Domestic companies such as Kaishui Medical and Aohua, as representatives, have gradually achieved technological breakthroughs and broken this monopoly. The competitiveness of these companies in the soft lens market continues to increase, bringing new vitality to the entire industry.

As the domestic soft lens and hard lens industries continue to develop, technological innovation and product quality will become key factors for enterprise competition. At the same time, the diversification and personalization of market demand will also drive the industry forward. With the continuous rise of domestic enterprises, the market structure of soft lenses and hard lenses will usher in more changes, bringing more choices to consumers and promoting the entire industry to develop in a healthier and sustainable direction.

The most well-known representative endoscope manufacturers in China mainly include Shenzhen Kaili Biotechnology, Shanghai Aohua, Mindray, KARL STORZ, etc. As a precision optical instrument, the production process of an endoscope, whether it is a hard lens or a soft lens, requires precise technology to be realized, whether it is between the lenses in the endoscope, between the lenses and the outer tube, or between metal materials. All require very high fixing and sealing requirements, which tests the manufacturing process of endoscope manufacturers.

The traditional method of reusing endoscopes can easily cause cross-infection between patients. In addition, the cleaning, drying, and disinfection processes will significantly increase the hospital’s operating costs, limiting the development of reusable endoscopes in clinical applications. Therefore, disposable endoscopes will become the future development trend. The use of disposable endoscopes can effectively reduce cross-infection between patients and greatly improve the efficiency of minimally invasive surgery. With the continuous upgrading of technology and the continuous improvement of medical systems, the global endoscope market demand will further expand in the future and develop in the direction of miniaturization and consumables.

The laser micromachining technology of endoscopic cobra bone is also constantly improving with the market demand. The precision is getting higher and higher, the efficiency is getting higher and higher, and the cutting quality is getting better and better. As a professional endoscopic cobra bone, men-luck As a laser cutting machine manufacturer, we will, as always, strive to contribute to the development of laser micromachining.

Post time: Jan-02-2024

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