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Cutting machine manufacturers introduce issues to note when using lasers in winter

Cutting machine manufacturers introduce issues to note when using lasers in winter

Recently, affected by the large-scale cold air across the country, there has been a significant cooling phenomenon in various regions. If the external environment temperature is too low, the volume expansion of water after freezing will cause irreversible damage to equipment water cooling system pipelines, optical cables, etc. Let us summarize the issues to pay attention to when using lasers better and more rationally under low temperature conditions.

As we all know, the density of ice is less than that of water. Once the cooling water flowing through the core components freezes inside the laser, the volume will expand, which may cause serious damage to the pipeline, which will seriously affect the safety of the core components, cause heavy losses, and even Scrap it directly.

If conditions permit, use heating facilities to keep the water cooler and laser in an environment with a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius. It also ensures that these facilities can operate continuously and safely, which can effectively prevent freezing inside the laser. If the above conditions cannot be met, please keep the water cooler turned on. If the water in the pipes is always flowing, it can prevent freezing. Of course, in this case, if the water cooler is shut down for a long time due to malfunction or there is a power outage, there is also a certain risk of freezing.

If the laser needs to be shut down, stored or transported for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the coolant in the laser pipeline is drained. Blow in clean, oil-free compressed air or nitrogen from the water inlet to effectively drain the remaining coolant in the pipeline. The pressure of compressed air or nitrogen needs to be maintained within a certain range. Excessive pressure will easily cause pipeline damage. Some laser water connections use self-locking quick-in connectors. Please use the original quick-in connector to open the self-locking device for drainage.

If none of the above methods are possible, add coolant. In order to ensure that the laser is not damaged, Coherent has clear requirements for the coolant to be added, and the appropriate coolant can be selected according to different laser types.

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Post time: Feb-09-2024

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