Do you think it is necessary to update the iteration of hand-held welding?

Do you think it is necessary to update the iteration of hand-held welding?

There are more than 30 million welding workers in China. At the same time, welders have entered the top ten of the “most underemployed” professions in China. Although welding objects can be seen everywhere in life, fewer and fewer young people are willing to engage in welding because of their poor working environment, full of smoke and radiation. Traditional hand-held welding has huge potential risks, and people’s demand for safer and harmless hand-held welding is growing, The updating and iteration of laser hand-held welding are imminent. However, not only do workers’ lives need to be protected more safely, but machines, as important assets of the company, also need to be protected by more reliable safety measures.

The laser hand-held welding company belongs to Class IV laser. To ensure the safe operation of the equipment, a full range of safety protection is adopted. The hand-held welding developed by our company has won the international ISO9001 certification, the CE certification, and the PDA certification of BACL and SGS, which is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

Our laser hand-held welding has the following protective measures:

·Protection air pressure detection and safety alarm

·Welding torch button switch

·Laser numerical control switch

·LOOP safety lock

·Warning lamp

·Emergency stop button, laser power switch

These protective measures can effectively protect your personal and property safety, and always ensure that you will not become a hidden danger due to non-standard use. Our company promises that our products are very safe and reliable, so please be assured to use our products!

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Post time: Nov-21-2022