Precision 3c solution

EPLC6045 Laser Cutting Machine for Precision Stainless Steel Instruments

Short Description:

Laser micromachining of plane and curved surfaces instruments of precision stainless steel and hard alloy steel treatment

Product Detail

Technical Parameters

Maximum operating speed 1000mm/s(X) ;1000mm/s(Yl&Y2) ;50mm/s(Z);
Positioning accuracy ±3um (X) ±3um (Y1&Y2) ;±5um (Z);
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±1um(X) ;±1um (Y1&Y2) ;±3um(Z);
Machining material Precision stainless steel and hard alloy steel before or after surface treatment;
Material wall thickness 0~2.0±0.02 mm;
Plane machining range 450mm*600mm;
Laser type Fiber laser;
Laser wavelength 1030-1070±10nm;
laser power CW200W&250W&300W&500W&1000W&QCW150W for option
Equipment power supply 220V±10%, 50Hz;AC 20A (main circuit breaker);
File format DXF、DWG;
Dimensions 1280mm*1320mm*1600mm;
Equipment weight 1500Kg;

Sample Exhibition


Application scope

Laser micromachining of plane and curved surfaces instruments of precision stainless steel and hard alloy steel treatment

High precision machining

1.Small cutting seam width: 15 ~ 30um

2.High machining accuracy: ≤ ± 10um

3.Good quality of incision: smooth incision & small heat affected zone & less burr

4.Size refinement: the minimum product size is 20um

Strong adaptability

1.Have the ability of laser cutting, drilling, slotting, marking and other fine processing skills for plane & curved surface instruments                  

2.Can machine laser micromachining of plane and curved surfaces օ instruments of precision stainless steel and hard alloy steel after surface treatment                                                          

3.Equipped with a self-developed direct drive mobile double drive precision movement platform, granite platform, aluminum alloy granite beam for selection                                                                          

4.Provide the optional function, such as double station & Visual Positioning & automatic feeding and unloading system & dynamic monitoring etc.         

5.Equipped with self-developed long & short focal length, sharp nozzle & flat nozzle fine laser cutting head                                                

6.Equipped with modular material receiving and dust removal pipeline system                                                                             

7.Provide self-developed movable tension frame & fixed tension frame & vacuum adsorption & honeycomb plate, etc. optional fixture                      

8.Equipped with the self-developed 2D & 2.5D & 3D CAM software system for laser micromachining

Flexible design

1.Follow the design concept of ergonomics, delicate and concise             

2.Flexible software & hardware function collocation, supporting personalized function configuration & intelligent production management    

3.Support positive innovation design from component level to system level  

4.Open control & laser micromachining software system easy to operate & intuitive interface

Technical certification

օ CE

օ ISO9001

օ IATF16949

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